Free Hypnotherapy online class; Thailand
Where is your first aid kit, for your mind?
How to help your friends, family or clients make instant change using Hypnotherapy, without years or training or expense
Discover the power of the subconscious mind for amazing results
for a  rewarding career
or hobby 
* very limited seating - only 40 spots for each webinar we do... *
Is Bangkok too far to attend our workshop?, that's ok;
Join our FREE Onlne Class
Where is your first aid box for your mind?
What You Will Learn On This Free Webinar:
5 x powerful secrets  of the subconscious
Hypnotherapy is the only modality in the world to focus 100% on the subconscious mind, find out how to use this immense power for instant change.
The secrets behind stage Hypnosis
Be prepared to lift the veil of mystery on stage Hypnosis and find out once and for all where the control comes from!
How to start a new rewarding career as a Hypnotherapists
The perfect skill to add in your toolbox of empowering modalities and finally help others in a lasting, effective way
Professional Hypnotherapy Training; Bangkok
Learn From A Seasoned Profesional
Anthony is an International Personal Development Coach and Hypnotherapist facilitating the needs of his clients for over 13 years. Anthony's clients range from directors/ CEOs of international companies, celebrities, Royalty, members of parliament, professional athletes. Plus many people wanting to make a
positive change in their lives and has hundreds of Testimonials to substantiate his clients successes.

Anthony has been a perminate resident in Thailand for 7 years with Kate & Meria his wife and daugher. Legaly Trading from 'The Panacea LTD' a Thai registered Company.  
Who should attend our Online class?
Searching for personal development or a new rewardning
career or hobby?

Over 200 people have attended our popular workshop and courses in Bangkok; designed for the general public and now assessable to you online.

Hypnotherapy is the only modality to focus solely on the Subconscious, understanding Hypnotherapy is of a huge benefit to anyone working with clients to facilitate change;
Counsellors, Psychiatrist, E.F.T, N.L.P, Reiki, C.B.T Practitioner's along with anyone passionate about helping others.

This webinar allows you can see if Hypnotherapy is a good fit, without the pressure of a full course

Hypnotherapy has been scientifically proven to be one of the most efficient ways to reduce stress and therefore useful for anyone in any industry.

Think about this…
Do you have a first aid kit in your home?
if you cut your finger can get your hand on a plaster ?

So where is the First Aid Kit for our mind:
limiting behaviours, beliefs,
questionable thoughts,
attitudes and feelings ?
Do they deserve fast attention too?

What resources do you have to help friends, family or clients make fast, safe, effective change in their life when they need it most?
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